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"Whenever people address me as the 'father of the geometric man' they are referring to the fact that we reduced the image of man down to a strict geometrical form. This may seem to be a limitation on the possibilities of graphical representation, but it is not. Although characterising a type of sport via its form of movement is a difficult proposition anyway even without these additional graphic restrictions, we have, nevertheless, always been able to find a symbol that is instantly understandable without a great learning process - even for bizarre disciplines. At the same time as the Olympic Games, we were also working on the information system for the airport in Frankfurt where we had to design an extensive repertoire of symbols for air traffic and tourism based on similar criteria. This situation allowed us to offer a comprehensive system of symbols that is in use today throughout the whole world."

Otl Aicher

1922 Born 13th of May in Ulm

1946-1947 Studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich

1952 Married Inge Scholl

1953-1968 Founded the HfG, Hochschule für Gestaltung (School of Design), in Ulm

Lecturer for the department of "Visual Communication" at the HfG

1962-1964 Principal of the HfG

1967-1972 Design director for the Olympic Games in Munich

1972 Moved to Rotis and commenced his work in own studios

1984 Founded "Rotis Institute for Analogue Studies"

1988 Developed the "Rotis" range of text fonts

1991 Otl Aicher died on September 1st from injuries sustained in an accident
Otl Aicher