Usage and licensing of otl aicher pictograms

The benefits for you

otl aicher pictograms lend your own communication remit the functionality of a sign system that has been tried and tested for several decades. You simultaneously benefit from the symbols’ positive public image and high degree of recognisability. Popular awareness of otl aicher pictograms and the broad selection of pictorial symbols available for a great many areas of life ensure that the most diverse types of content are effectively and efficiently conveyed.

The syntactical system underpinning how the pictograms are designed enables the range to be extended and adapted as necessary – to reflect technical innovations, the convergence of international markets and cultures or, indeed, individual customer requirements.

The system as a whole remains forever fresh and dynamic as a result. The status of otl aicher pictograms as design classics and icons of everyday culture is generally acknowledged. Brands, products and institutions of all kinds can earn a stake in this likeable high-quality image via a pictogram licensing arrangement.

Obtaining right-of-use licences

If you wish to use otl aicher pictograms, simply use the search function to select those you require and place them in the virtual shopping basket. Please then complete the request-for-quote form in order that we can furnish you with a non-binding quote.

The criteria adopted when determining licence fees include the number of pictograms used, their period of use and the print and production runs for publications and goods respectively. Attention is, of course, also given to type of use, meaning that non-profit-making licensees such as sports clubs and associations are accorded particularly favourable rates.

Should you be unable to find any pictogram you require in our assortment, please contact us. We will be glad to quote you for developing customised pictogram motifs on the basis of the type of application you specify.

Please get in touch with us for the purpose of purchasing reproducible digital templates and the corresponding right-of-use licences.

Notes on copyright

otl aicher pictograms are copyright protected. The purchaser of always non-exclusive rights of use is merely entitled to use pictograms in due and contractually compliant manner. They shall neither modify nor redesign the pictograms, nor shall they grant rights of use to third parties or pass pictograms on to third parties in file form over and above the extent contractually provided for. It must be ensured when using pictograms on the web that they never appear on websites in downloadable or vector-oriented form. The latter also applies with regard to their integration into any documents made accessible in, for instance, PDF form. Any changes made to pictograms must be approved and cleared by Stiehl/Over/Gehrmann GmbH. Any pictograms newly developed by Stiehl/Over/Gehrmann GmbH on behalf of a customer shall then form a constituent part of the pictogram system.